Why recruit through BeeRefer

Our experts have more than 20 years’ experience recruiting for agencies or working as headhunters. Our community of co-opters helps us recruit faster, benefiting employers by helping them save money. We specialize in health, administration, HR and accounting.

Fast Results

Our network of co-opters means having more headhunters than any traditional recruiting agency. This means filling positions faster.


An empty seat can quickly become expensive, when you’re not able to fill a position in your company. Optimal efficiency allows us to present candidates within a short deadline.


A mobile app with an intuitive interface that simplifies your work, by diminishing the staff shortage you’re feeling on a daily basis.


We develop durable, collaborative relationships by first, taking the time to properly understand your needs. Our network of co-opters uses collective intelligence to obtain better results.

BeeRefer, much more than a recruiting agency

Post your jobs

Add new positions to the BeeRefer app, so your employees can start referring candidates in just a few clicks.

Manage your candidates

Find every person you’ve referred through the app and follow their paths to see how many have been hired.

Manage your rewards

Our boutique lets employees choose a gift or cash reward, directly from their phone.

Personalize the experience

Add your logo and choose colours to showcase your company’s branding on our mobile app.

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